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Penn Jillette: Reading any Holy Book Will Make...

Oct 03 2012 22:16 PM | Goddess in Articles

Penn Jillette: Reading the Bible (Or the Koran, Or the Torah) Will Make You an Atheist.

Penn Jilette was asked to leave his Christian youth group by a pastor who told his parents: "He's no longer learning about the Bible from me. He is now converting everyone in the class to atheism."

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Bill Nye discusses creationism/evolution

Sep 23 2012 09:20 AM | Goddess in Articles

This is a fantastic YouTube clip of Bill Nye, the Science Guy, discussing creationism, evolution, and parenting.

It's only a short clip (under 3 min) so, do yourself a favour and watch it.

I just love how he makes an arguement, rationalises it, and destroys the opposition, all without getting cross.


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ENCODE, the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements

Sep 16 2012 22:57 PM | Goddess in Articles

The Story of YOU...

If you LOVE Tim Minchin (and, lets face it, who doesn't) and love Science - you MUST have a look at this new YouTube video!

And - look forward to more information about DNA testing in Issue 2 of ATHIENCE!

Watch the video HERE!

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Catholic Church investigator is a paedophile -...

Sep 16 2012 17:44 PM | Goddess in Articles

The Roman Catholic Church's investigator of paedophilia for the South West of England has been found to have child pornography on his computer.

Police officers who traced him to his home in Plymouth, Devon, found more than 4,000 child porn images, mainly of boys aged 10 to 12, on his church-supplied computer and a memory stick when they raided the house in Penrose Road.

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Stephen Fry - on the importance of disbelief.

Oct 03 2012 20:59 PM | Goddess in Articles

Not believing in an after life is essential for fully enjoying this life.

If you assume there's no afterlife, Stephen Fry says, you'll likely have a fuller, more interesting life.

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Hell - is an invention of the church

Oct 03 2012 20:31 PM | Goddess in Articles

Interesting short video about John Shelby Spong a retired Episcopal bishop from Newark, N.J. who talks about why Christianity must change its view of hell. Spong is one of the leading spokepersons for liberal Christianity.

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Penn Jillette An Atheist's Guide to the 20...

Oct 03 2012 20:50 PM | Goddess in Articles

Penn Jillette rates the various candidates for the U.S. Presidency from the perspective of an atheist.

This is an interesting video about US presidents and how they are perceived religiously, and, whether those perceptions are correct.

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11-year-old girl arrested in Pakistan on charge...

Aug 19 2012 08:51 AM | Goddess in Articles

An 11yo Christian girl, with Down Syndrome, has been arrested in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad, being charged with blasphemy, after she was accused of burning pages of the Q'uran last week.

The NGO 'Christians in Pakistan' has reported the girl was falsely accused of burning ten pages of the Q'uran.

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Pregnant Plesiosaur found!

Aug 19 2012 10:43 AM | Goddess in Articles

Scientists have pieced together the fossil of a pregnant plesiosaur!

The Plesiosaur is a giant Mesozoic reptile which lives in the sea, and comes from the Cretaceous Era. Scientists have discovered one with an embryo still inside at the time of it's death.

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New Secular State

Feb 04 2012 11:43 AM | Damon in Articles

Of late I find myself day-dreaming about the formation of a new secular state that accepts atheist immigrants and refugees who are fleeing persecution from extreme religious doctrines. I guess this would be similar in nature to how the independent republic of Liberia was established through the repatriation of American slaves. though free atheists will be far more empowered than emancipated slaves.

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Church requires financial disclosure documents...

Sep 16 2012 18:51 PM | Goddess in Articles

It is estimated that the Mormon Church makes approximately $7Billion per year.

The Mormon Church makes the bulk of it's money through wealthy followers, such as Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney, however, it requires financial statements from all members, and all are expected to tithe.

Are you wondering what they do with it all?  Read on...

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