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ENCODE, the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements

The Story of YOU...

If you LOVE Tim Minchin (and, lets face it, who doesn't) and love Science - you MUST have a look at this new YouTube video!

And - look forward to more information about DNA testing in Issue 2 of ATHIENCE!

Watch the video HERE!
This is the fantastic video - narrated by the exquisite Tim Minchin

To learn more about the ENCODE project, have a look at the Nature website: http://www.nature.com/encode/

ENCODE, the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements, is a project funded by the National Human Genome Research Institute to identify all regions of transcription, transcription factor association, chromatin structure and histone modification in the human genome sequence. Thanks to the identification of these functional elements, 80% of the components of the human genome now have at least one biochemical function associated with them. This expansive resource of functional annotations is already providing new insights into the organization and regulation of our genes and genome.