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Stephen Fry - on the importance of disbelief.

stephen fry disbelief

Not believing in an after life is essential for fully enjoying this life.

If you assume there's no afterlife, Stephen Fry says, you'll likely have a fuller, more interesting life.

Stephen discusses philosophy and it's astonishing.

He's such an interesting and intelligent man.

I'm in love with his mind...  He's definately at the very top of my list of people I want to have dinner with. :)

Love this comment:

"You can't just say 'there is a God' because things are beautiful - you have to account for bone cancer in children".

Sad, but true.


That's a great point! But it always reinforced my fear of loneliness and death. How do you guys manage to see this viewc optimistically?
I think about the other kind of immortality: legacy. What you leave behind is much more important than where you may or may not go next! :)
every living thing leaves a legacy- it is called DNA
alternatively, for those who dont breed, there is also science, art , literature, committment to the social contract-
none of which requires a god