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New Secular State

Of late I find myself day-dreaming about the formation of a new secular state that accepts atheist immigrants and refugees who are fleeing persecution from extreme religious doctrines. I guess this would be similar in nature to how the independent republic of Liberia was established through the repatriation of American slaves. though free atheists will be far more empowered than emancipated slaves.
Of couse there would be a number of obstacles to overcome such as where to find the land required to establish a successful state, and how to aquire it etc. I have lots more ideas but I'm throwing it open for general discussion. I'm sure many interesting thoughts will be teased out.


Another way to do it would be to set up an employee owned collective type corporation. This corporation owns the land that all of its employees live on and provides them with their essentials (food, car, etc.). The corporation can produce these items itself. The excess is sold and corporation pays the employees a small amount for other items which it can't provide itself. As you attract more types of people, the corporation can produce more types of things and gradually becomes less reliant on the outside economy.

This system contains the bonus that as the corporation is investing in its employees instead of posting massive profits, it pays less tax, and as the employees are paid less (since so much is provided) they pay less tax. It's a loop-hole kind of way of protecting this kind of community - all above board - until it's big enough to take the next step.

EDIT: And I love the irony of flaunting the current system to create a new one!
heres a thought
the pacific gyre
it has enough plastic to be recyled into pontoons which could either float ( to be used to make the 'land') or be filled with unuseable rubbish and concrete to make anchors
all we need is a sponsor- shouldnt be too hard as this would be a 'green initiative'
Wow! Shades of 'Water World'! Interesting stuff McPsych.

I wonder if it is possible to find a sponsor ....
I'm in McPsych! ;)
ok- anyone got Bill Gates' number
I reckon we start as if it were a mining expedition- ship with dredge and plastics plant
perhaps we should declare the gyre a state first eh- all you sailors out there- we need your ships

Oct 11 2012 20:29 PM
There is a largeish group of islands in the North West Atlantic which, though nominally Christian, is in fact politically secular.

And you can tell anyone who says otherwise, from me, that they're a whingeing pom. (Oops: was that insulting? or othering? If so, please delete)
Hey - I'm a pom! I find this post very insu... dammit, now I'm whinging. I see what you did there ;)

Yeah, don't they have some sort of revolutionary constitution that actually enforces their secularism? Heathens!

Oct 16 2012 05:43 AM
Oops: I meant north east... :unsure:
Ha, easy to do! :)

Oct 23 2012 03:51 AM
Ooh, just noticed: I've been promoted ! :cool: